Holy Toledo! It’s the Martys

Holy Toledo! It’s the Martys

Holy Toledo, it’s the Marty’s and we’d like to that thank you for coming by our little spot on the web.  As you can see there’s still a bit of “construction dust” on everything. We’re still remodeling it just a bit, but you can tell where everything’s going to go. The kitchen will be over there, and the dining room will be here where we’re standing.

We will be posting every Wednesday right here in this spot. Whether that’s remodeling our floor, kitchen, bathroom, of our little home or it’s getting to know our beautiful country and it’s people better by traveling in our mobile tiny home.


What’s life like in Minnesota in the Winter, or any other season? What’s it like to be a middle aged, lower income, couple in love and having adventures.

While we may not be ready to go full time RVing and/or Van living yet we will be doing it in our off time from work and we’ll also be building the skills so when we do we can go successfully.

This is my wife Elissa and


this is Me I’m Trevor.


Our cat Macy

Ms Mama Macy Yawning

Our dog Marley


and that’s us.

Misadventures with the Martys.

Thanks for coming by don’t forget to stop by this Wednesday when we’ll talk in a little more detail about what we will be doing here.

Keep the shiny side up.

T&E Marty

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