Thanksgiving Shmanksgiving

Thanksgiving Shmanksgiving

Hey everyone-

I hope you are having a wonderful day. We are having a very warm end of Autumn beginning of Winter here in lovely south eastern Minnesota. As they say though all things come to an end I am certain the winds of change will bring us some snow and cold.

This weeks video.

Elissa and I had a lovely time with our family over the holiday and we hope you did too. This year we hosted the whole thing for the first time and man was that stressful. Funny thing though. It didn’t need to be. Everyone came wanting to have a good time so all we had to do was get out of the way and let them, and that is exactly what we did.

Our turkey was bought from a local farm which specializes in organic free range birds named Ferndell. We have a big family so we got an almost 22 pound bird which is really big. The night before the big day I had a gig so I was out of the house and my beautiful bride put the bird in this giant bag with some herbs, spices, salt, and water to brine over night in the refrigerator. It turned out perfect. Bright and early the next morning we took it out, rinsed it off, and shoved it in the oven at 350. Every hour or so taking it out and basting it in it’s own juices.

Sounds gross, best not to think to much on that part. Just do it and move on with life.

Now in our family we have lots of children. Happy, healthy, exploring children so when we put the table up even with both leaves there wasn’t enough room. Good thing we had a spare. The kids had their own place and everyone had a wonderful time.

A Solar Project

Earlier this Summer a friend from work asked me if I would be interested in purchases his solar components. He showed me photos and I went home talked to Elissa about it and we went back to him with a price we could afford. It was way under what it was worth, but only because we weren’t flush with cash at that moment. He agreed and we brought it home.

I have little experience with solar, but am not a full on beginner either. I put together a smallish 200 watt system on our van this summer, and I hope to combine both this new 100 watt solar panel as well as the two new batteries I got from him as well. If this works it will give us around 550 amp hours of battery life, with 300 watts of solar pumping into them. Today’s project though is just putting his system together and seeing how it all works.

The first thing I did was to top off the batteries. They are lead acid batteries and needed a little extra distilled water. Only use distilled because (if I am remembering right) the minerals in the other water combine with the lead plates and stops the batteries from doing their jobs effectively. Once that was done I combined the two 6 volt batteries in series to create one 12 volt battery. All that means is connect one batteries positive to the other batteries negative. Congratulations, you’ve just made a little battery bank. Thumbs up!

Then you connect them to the charge controller. One batteries positive and the other batteries negative connect to the controller. The controller is the sort of brain of this whole operation. there are two type of them an mppt and a pwm. I have both. The mppt is way more efficient, but is more complicated and expensive. If you’re like me you want to make it easy so you get the pwm.

From that you connect the charge controller to the panel, put it in the sunlight and let it go to town.

Amazon sells many different solar situations. Here’s a link to one. I am an Amazon affiliate which means if you click that link and go and buy it or anything else I get a little commission from Amazon. Now it’s not from your wallet it’s from theirs.

It’s a 100 watt solar kit.

Well, thanks for stopping by and remember keep the shiny side up.

Trevor and Elissa

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