Thanksgiving Leftovers, Solar Project, the Van

Thanksgiving Leftovers, Solar Project, the Van

This week we work on Thanksgiving Leftovers, a smallish solar project, and just drive around in the van.

The Solar Project is more of an experiment which left me with more questions then answers. Those are the best kind of experiments. Here’s what happened. I have two solar set ups. One is on the van and the other is on my front porch.

The van has 200 watts of power, a 100 amp hour battery, and a PWM charge controller.


The van with solar on the roof.

The porch system, as I mentioned in an earlier post, (LINK) was purchased from a friend and I have been working on seeing how healthy the batteries are.


A hundred watt Renogy panel


An 30 amp MPPT charge controller

The batteries were up to 14.something or other so I thought I’d put a load on them and see what happened. I put a smallish load on them and it dropped to just over 12 almost right away. It was a small fan that (according to the tag on the bottom only took .53 amps) through the inverter. I did the exact same thing on my healthy system in the van and it went down but not nearly so dramatically.

I believe the batteries are toast and I should bring them in for the core charge and look for some other ones or one. It’s usually best to put two of the same type, name, and power level batteries together anyway. Maybe that’s what I’ll do.

Cooking Thanksgiving leftovers:

What do we do with them? What do you do with them? Put the answer in the comments below.

Here’s our recipe for a turkey pot pie which just can’t be beat and it can’t. It was Elissa’s first time cooking it and you know it’s terrific.

Preheat oven 375
Small bag of mixed vegetables
Dice up small yellow onion
Skillet on medium heat added two tablespoons of unsalted butter
Add your veggies
Cook vegetables for about 1-2 minuets
Add 2/3 cup of flour mixed about 1 minute
Add milk and chicken broth until it thickens after that add turkey

Put in casserole dish then added your puff pastry.
Beat one large egg brush on top of pastry cut four slits for steam to escape
Bake for 20 minuets or until golden brown.
Enjoy and eat!! Yummy!

Here’s the video for this week.

Well, thanks for stopping by. Tune in next week when we go on an adventure to La Crosse, Wi to see a show, take a tour of the van we’re going to be living in for two weeks in January, and cook something or other.

What do you like to do with your leftovers?

Keep the shiny side up.

-Trevor & Elissa


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