Spaghetti, Gigging, and Hanging Toolboxes

Spaghetti, Gigging, and Hanging Toolboxes

Greetings Fellow Earthlings-

Today, we should think about Spaghetti. The noodles, the sauce, eating, gigging, and building a tool box which hangs in the van.

Last week we talked a little about the Winter Market, farm raised shrimp, and our little doggie getting her nails done. You can find that here. LINK

How do these all relate? Well, that’s easy. We did them all this week so that’s how they relate. First off I played a gig at an award winning vineyard in Spring Valley, Mn called ‘The Four Daughters‘. It’s a lovely place on the outskirts of a few different smaller cities and is a hub of culture, cuisine, music, and fun. It all happens at the Four Daughters and here’s their address 78757 State Highway 16 Spring Valley, MN 55975.  They have a great cider named Loon Juice which is apropos because the Loon is our state bird here in Minnesota. A perfect place for events, or just to take a date and hang out.

This week Elissa made Spaghetti and meatballs. I think I gained weight just smelling it and I know I did eating it. It’s all in the video. She likes making this. It’s one of her favorites and hopefully it will be one of yours too.

The project this week is to build a smallish tool box which will be hung from the inside of the left back barn door in our van. It will hold a hammer a few wrenches, screwdrivers, tape measure. It’s suppose to hold just a few things in case they’re needed. It’s not going to hold the whole garage. Again I used the wood I have around the place, and now that’s it’s almost finished. You’ll have to tune in next week for the hanging of the box.



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