Toolbox Project, Live Original Music, and the RTR

Toolbox Project, Live Original Music, and the RTR

January 3rd, 2018

In today’s edition we work some more on the Toolbox Project, take a ‘day after Christmas’ drive around and visit with a friend at a gig. I play live original music by myself and with friends.

Have you ever gone to do errands the day after Christmas having forgotten entirely that there was any sort of thing called, ‘Christmas’? Well we did. We went to Fleet Farm, a local farm implement store, and noticed a few more people than we expected. Then we went to Target and hit the mother load. It was like everyone called, their brother and their brothers cousin through marriage and everyone came out to say, “Howdy” at Target.


While at Fleet Farm Elissa met and fell in love with my replacement at least when I’m off gigging. Don’t worry. It’s just a giant Teddy Bear, and by giant I mean it was almost as big as she is. Wait till you see it in the video. It’s huge.

The project this week is a continuation of last weeks project. The Hanging Toolbox thingy. The hanging toolbox is taking a bit longer than it was meant to, but as they say anything worth doing always takes forever.

I’ve come across a few problems which you will get to see better in the video. Among them are the arms I got which are suppose to hold it in ‘tabletop’ position. They won’t work because of a brace I put in the box. It’s bracing the box fine but it’s also blocking the arms from receding back while putting the top back. I’m going to have to go with my first instinct which is to put chains on. They won’t get in anythings way and will do the job.

Also we get to see the grinding down of the angle iron. I had to split it in half and then it had sharp edges so they had to be ground down. I actually didn’t do this part at all. I tried but I don’t have the necessary tools. My uncle Ed does so at the family Christmas party we slipped into his well equipped wood-shop and did the deed. You will get to see it happen. I am very grateful to him for the help. “Here’s to you Uncle Ed. Thanks tons!!”

I had a gig with a friend of mine at a local brewery called, “Kinney Creek” (LINK). Dedrick Benz played with me. He and I have been playing music together for many many years. It is always a joy to hang out and make people happy with music.  And if you get to do it with a good pal that’s even better. We had a surprise visitor come from California. Our old friend Chad Aakre came. Chad, Dedrick, and I played music together and traveled regionally for long time. Chad had to move for work, but he is always in our hearts. His visit was a joyful experience and I am very grateful that he took the time from visiting with his family to stop by.

Next week we will be at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous  (the RTR for short) in Quartzsite, Arizona. We are going to be there for two weeks, and we will be doing videos, blogs, all sorts of things. If you keep checking out our Youtube page (LINK), our Facebook Page (LINK), and at Instagram(LINK). These are the places we will be connecting while we are on the road and we may even do live insta vids, or I think you can do that on both of the other two. Long story short next weeks vlog/blog will be the last one before the hoopla begins.

Well keep the shiny side up.

-The Marty’s

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