Sit in the passenger seat at the RTR

Sit in the passenger seat at the RTR

This week’s adventures take us back to the RTR. Come along as we drive from our campsite to the road and beyond.

You will see campers, rigs, vans and the like as we leave and go to get water, but you’re going to see it from the passenger perspective. You’ll see it from the dash cam. We drove slow from camp because there was a lot of dust and we were trying to keep the dust down. No one wants a person to drive fast by their camp and kick up a pile of dust for you to swallow.

Even though we were driving slowly you will see a part where I get out and see if something is smoking under the hood. Not to worry. Nothing was. It was only the dust. We hope you enjoy your time in the passenger seat.

Keep the shiny side up.


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