We did it. We bought the camper we’ll be full timing in.

We did it. We bought the camper we’ll be full timing in.

Well, folks we did it.

We went out and bought a camper for us to live in and made a goal date. Our goal date is 4.5 years from now. That will be January 1st, 2023 and we will extricate ourselves from the system we’ve put ourselves in. Now don’t get me wrong we aren’t completely dropping out at all.

Nope, we’re just going to stop doing the kind of work we do now and living the kind of way we live now. A person must work and get money in this world, so we will continue to do just that; however, we will do it differently then we do now.

Our van woody here’s a picture has been the tow vehicle so far and it’s been great, and we love him.

The new campers name is Twanda and she is a 17.2 foot Sportsman Classic by KZ. (Insert photo) We have a 10 gallon freshwater tank, a black water and gray water tank as well. She pulls behind like a dream when everything is empty, and with a maximum GVWR of 2800 pounds I’m pretty sure Woody will be able to pull her up those mountains with no problem. The following photos are from both the outside and inside of the camper and there is a two part series of videos which go through the parts which we have put here as well.



In this photo you’ll see the sink, a two burner stove, and the fridge. The sink has an actual pump which will be interesting because the van doesn’t have that at all. It’s just got a hand pump which we still think is wonderful. One this the Twanda has which the van doesn’t is a hot water heater. Which in my mind is a crazy big luxury and I don’t remember how to turn it on. I tried to remember what he was saying but I forgot most of it. The cupboards are quite deep and we are super excited to see how much SPAM we can fit in them.


This photo is of the bunk beds mostly. We will most likely be taking them out and replacing them with something.



We have a very large bathroom for such a small trailer. As you can see there is a toilet and a tup/shower in her. We have been considering converting it to a wet bath which seems insane I know but with space at a premium you have to ask what you want the space you have to be doing for you. A full bath is very nice, but what if you can do something to it and make it into more storage? That would be nice as well. Anyway at this point it’s just a thought. As far as the toilet goes. I don’t know how to work it. It’s sort of special you know. One thing does liquid and the other does solid, or something like that.

I do know Elissa is going to change the shower curtain. We went shopping at Target almost the first thing.



This is the all important bed/table. You must have one or it’s just not considered an RV.  I’m actually sitting at that table right now and writing this to y’all. I’m thinking that this will almost always be in a bed position. Which brings up the bunk beds. Why not turn that into a kitchen table and storage area? It’s just a thought.



You can see by the outside that we have an eight foot awning, a side door, and a windows. All in all she’s a great little home and we look forward to many fine adventures.

As promised here are the two videos and please don’t forget to share this with your friends, likes, comment, and subscribe.

Part One

Part Two

Keep the shiny side up.


-The Martys

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2 thoughts on “We did it. We bought the camper we’ll be full timing in.

  1. NICE😀🌿
    • Backing up will get easier😉
    • Elissa’s bunk ideas 👍 ✊
    • Save $ on toilet paper and go bidet style but if you want to go chemical-less maybe concider adapting a composting toilet (dumping might be more challenging 🤔)

    1. Thanks Tamberlain. I have wondered about the composting toilet trend. After all you’re only starting the composting process; as far as I know, there is no fool proof quick way of composting anything hyper fast. Who is going to want partially composted human waste on their property?

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