South Dakota pt 1 The Royal River Casino

South Dakota pt 1 The Royal River Casino

Friday the 16th August 2018

We left on our journey to South Dakota and the Royal River Casino today. We were driving ‘Woody’ our trusty Chevy Express 1500 van which we converted to a Tiny Home. You can a tour of that here LINK and see some of how it’s built here LINK.
The road through Minnesota was fine and the day passed wonderfully. Our spirits were high with the exception of leaving our dear cat behind we had hopes for a lovely journey.

a photo of a lovely toxedo cat
Our lovely feline Ms Mama Macy

We pulled into the first stop a placed called, ‘The Royal River Casino and Hotel’.  I can’t remember which tribe ran the casino but it was a great place to hang out. They have an RV parking for ten dollars and the regular parking lot. We stayed (with permission) in the regular parking lot because we don’t have or need any hook ups, but for ten dollars you get electric, water, access to their pool and shower room.

We walked around the casino and it looked much as any casino looks, but what struck me was on the way into the hotel you see several paintings and a mural. It didn’t say not to take a photo so I did.

A Tribe of Nations Pow Wow from the 1980’s (I think)which was painted. It’s a beautiful piece.
A mural of Buffalo seeming to tear threw the fabric of time into the now from the past.

We went into the casino to eat supper and wander around and yes we played some penny slots for fun. Elissa ruled the game and won big. She walked out with five extra dollars in her pocket and I well lets just say I did not.
The food was pretty good. They had a buffet but we don’t really go for those to much so we ordered from the regular menu. Elissa had a mushroom and Swiss burger with fries and I had a bacon cheese burger with fries. Now just so you know we almost never eat like that, but as I said we had high spirits and the food was wonderful.
The restrooms in this casino were clean and that’s saying something. As a housekeeper and a janitor we know when you get all sort of people visiting a place it’s hard to keep it clean. Mad Respect!
When we got back to ‘Woody’ our van we were ready to crash. We’d already put our Reflectix up in the windows so all we had to do was put our PJ’s on and go to bed. Once we fell asleep we slept wonderfully. Elissa had forgotten her Melatonin and I was still amped up a bit so it took a little to fall asleep.

Sleeping in Woody is the best sleep we have. It’s even better than sleeping at home or sleeping in a hotel. I don’t know why but something about traveling in a Tiny Home that you built yourself helps me to sleep. Contentedly with not a care in the world.

The next morning we woke up and went in for breakfast. It’s was your standard but it was terrific. Marley Dog loved her walks in the new area. With plenty to sniff and mark she was nothing but smiles.


Tune in next week to see what we did next. I’ll give you a hint it has something to do with a giant Native American woman named ‘Dignity’.

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