Trip to South Dakota pt 2

Trip to South Dakota pt 2

Saturday the 17th of August 2018

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Upon waking up we changed took Marley out and went in to the Casino for the breakfast buffet. I know what I said about buffets before but really how can you resist a breakfast buffet. It’s was pretty good.
That day we drove to the little town of Chamberlain, SD to see the Dignity Statue. It’s a huge statue of a native woman and if it doesn’t bring you to tears you should check your humanity. The Native Peoples of the Americas have had to put up with such harsh conditions and garbage and it’s shameful to me that we can’t find ways to help their lives.
The statue stands fifty feet high, sixteen feet deep, and thirty-two feet wide.  It’s between the exits of 263 and 265 on interstate 90 near Chamberlain, South Dakota. She is wearing a shawl which is made of stainless steel and blue and turquoise colored glass to shine down on the land all around her. We stayed there in her presence for quite some time, and then decided where we were going to bed down for the night.

A Sage offering at the ladies feet.
Full Statue with a little Marley Dog at her feet.
A Closer view of her shawl.

It had come to our attention that it was going to rain for the next few days and we didn’t want to be out on BLM dirt roads when the rain was coming down. Everything we’d read warned us about that so we looked for a different place. There is a place called ‘Al’s Oasis’. It’s really just a series of shops and a restaurant. Across the street is a parking lot where they let truckers, RV’s and just about anyone bed down for the night. It’s not what you’d call a camping place. It’s a spot you stop for the night and then get going in the morning. We however decided to pay for a tenting spot at an RV campground called, “Oasis Campground”. We pulled our van up on a hill behind some scrubby pine and spruce trees and stayed there for the night.

The rain and wind came down with a vengeance that night but our little home ‘Woody’ kept us safe and warm through out the storm. Again we slept wonderfully. The wind rocked us to sleep and brought waves of rain. We woke up and it was still raining. We had egg burritos, grapes and coffee for breakfast and decided that since it was going to be raining all day and night again we would splurge and get a hotel room in the capital city of South Dakota Pierre.


Next Week our adventures in the capital.

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