South Dakota, Nebraska and to much rain. pt3

South Dakota, Nebraska and to much rain. pt3

South Dakota, Nebraska and to much rain.

Sunday the 18th of August 2018

We awoke to more rain and dreary conditions so we decided early on that we weren’t going to even bother looking for another RV place. We were going to go and see the South Dakota state capital and spend the night in a hotel. I know…we’re cheaters. Ah well. We got a great deal at the Econo Lodge and they let us have our dog. The capital of South Dakota is Pierre and it’s a smallish town of around fourteen thousand people. The capital building is beautiful and full of great history.

South Dakota became a state in November of 1889 and its capital of Pierre’s 13 or 14 mile city sits right next to the Missouri river. Here is a LINK to a Wikipedia article on Pierre, South Dakota.
That night we had wine and Pizza Hut it was fun. The folks at the Pizza Hut were terrific and we would most certainly go back. We found the place clean and the food wonderful. Our hotel was right down the street a few blocks so we didn’t have to drive and then were able to take our food to go. When we got back we had a shower and a shave. Double thumbs up.

Monday the 19th, of August 2018

Today we decided to leave South Dakota and see her neighbor to the south.

Nebraska watch out here come the Martys.

After looking a lot on free we found what looked to be a terrific spot in the small town of Valentine at their city park. I was floored that they let you stay in their city park. For five dollars a day you can pull almost any size rig into it and stay the night. A quiet little spot after dark it has some townie traffic through out the day, but you are in their city park. The Minnechaduza River cuts through the park and as a result you can see many different bird species. We had a Belted Kingfisher fly over our site in the morning.
While there a couple from Florida stopped right by us. They had a big Ram 2500 pulling a huge Air stream with a pull out. They were a nice couple and we felt enriched in meeting them. We also got a chance to meet a couple of people from the area. A couple of lady’s who were out chatting the day away gave us some great info on where to eat and told us that ‘yes indeed’ people camp here. We both would highly recommend going here. We didn’t take their advice on eating at a place because we are trying to save money. Instead we had spaghetti. It was a lovely and refreshing time.
At the site there are bathrooms and showers. These have seen better days; however, the fact that they are there is wonderful.

In the morning we left for western Nebraska in the hopes of seeing the great Carhenge. An exact replica of its more famous cousin from across the pond but made with old muscle cars, and trucks.

Tune in next week for that.

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Marley and I enjoying a few moments with no rain.
South Dakota capital Senate door
I thought it was so cool I took two photos.
The ceiling as you walk through the main entrance.
A different angle of the ceiling.
“Hey it’s art man….ya got to feel it.”


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