A Beautiful Park in Valentine Nebraska

A Beautiful Park in Valentine Nebraska

Monday the 19th, of August 2018

Today we decided to leave South Dakota and see her neighbor to the south. Nebraska.  Watch out Nebraska here come the Marty’s.

After looking at free campsites.net we found what looked to be a beautiful park in Valentine, Nebraska. I was floored that they let you stay there. For five dollars a day you can pull almost any size rig into it and stay the night. A quiet little spot after dark it has some townie traffic through out the day, but you are in their city park. A little river runs by the campsites and as a result you can see many different bird species. We had a Belted Kingfisher fly over our site in the morning. I asked him if he wanted some coffee but he seemed in a rush.


Relaxing after a long drive. My feet hanging out the door and enjoying the view of a woods and the river.


Making coffee

While there a couple from Florida stopped right by us. They had a big Ram 2500 pulling a huge Airstream with a pull out. They were a nice couple and we felt enriched in meeting them. We also got a chance to meet a couple of people from the area. A couple of lady’s who were out chatting the day away gave us some great info on where to eat and told us that ‘yes indeed’ people camp here. We both would highly recommend going here. We didn’t take their advice on eating at a place because we are trying to save money. Instead we had spaghetti. It was a lovely and refreshing time.
At the site there are bathrooms and showers. These have seen better days; however, the fact that they’re there is wonderful.


A view of our van home from the woods across the river.


Fun Guys hanging out on the log.



A lake that the river emptied into


the family

As always here is the video of the whole adventure.





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